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Classical Music Dvorak


Classical music is something which will last forever and it has been proven to be the music of intelligence.Antonín Leopold Dvorak (1841 – 1904) was a Czech composer to achieve worldwide recognition. In 1891 Dvorak was appointed as a professor at the Prague Conservatory. He has been described as "arguably the most versatile composer of his time"
If you love classical music - this app is definitely designed for you!
Enjoy with these epic songs.I am sure that you will love it. :)
Features:- Easy to use, simple and FREE!- Contains 35+ Classical Music for minds stimulation and inspiration.- One button to Random play favorite sound list.- Sound Catalog for quick access to all sounds or favorites.- Custom settings for playback of sounds after specified time limit, replay times , interval , volume etc.- One button to set as ringtones, notification tone or alarm tone.- One button adjust all sounds volume.- Rename sounds individually.- Export sounds to SD card , share with friends easily.- Multiple-Language Support : English,Japanese,Traditional Chinese,Simplified Chinese.
Music:Serenade for StringsSerenade Op.44Slavonic Dances No.1Slavonic Dances No.8Slavonic Dances No.10Legends Op.59-1Legends Op.59-2Legends Op.59-3Silent WoodsSymphonic VariationsCarnival OvertureAmerican QuartetHumoresquesCello Concerto 1Cello Concerto 2Cello Concerto 3RusalkaPiano Trio No.1Piano Trio No.2Piano Trio No.3Piano Trio No.4Symphony No.1Symphony No.2Symphony No.3Symphony No.4Symphony No.5Symphony No.6Symphony No.7-1Symphony No.7-2Symphony No.7-3Symphony No.7-4Symphony No.8-1Symphony No.8-2Symphony No.8-3Symphony No.8-4Symphony No.9-1 New WorldSymphony No.9-2 New WorldSymphony No.9-3 New WorldSymphony No.9-4 New World..etc.
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